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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bigamy isn't ok?

Since when? This is Utah after all... Anyway, here is a fine example of a Utah dumbass who thought the way into a 16 year old girl's panties was to promise her a "spiritual marriage."

This report leaves out most of the good parts of the story that I found in yesterday's Standard-Exaggerator newspaper but could not find online. First of all, Roskelley was caught with the girl "in a sexual situation" in the back of his pickup truck where he was apparently trying to consumate his spiritual marriage. The girl's family later received a restraining order to keep him away from her, which he has repeatedly tried to violate using email, the Postal Service and other accomplices to contact the girl.

Roskelly is also facing charges of vehicle theft so maybe the pickup truck he was using as a celestial bedroom wasn't even his and that's not mentioned in this story. Finally, according to yesterday's article, the dumbass is denying that he made any spiritual marriage promises to this 16 year old girl, so imagine her feeling of loss. Not only did she get sexually involved with a man promising a spiritual, eternal connection, now she is high and dry and he is denying the love he promised to her. That's got to leave a mark!

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